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Transition your business to a paperless work environment.

Capture Documents

Back scanning refers to the process of scanning paper archives or old documents. With businesses moving towards a digital environment, back scanning has become an integral part of this transition, as information that is important to the business can be trapped within these paper-based records.

Use scanning solutions to transition your business to a paperless work environment in a way that is cost-effective and unobtrusive.

Connect directly to your document management solutions like HP Trim, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint and many others.

Back Scanning Documents

With the push of the button, scan and be presented in real time on the panel information from within your scanned documents. This information would be the business rules that you want to use to name or use in your business and document management systems.

This information could be such things as:

Solutions include single pass double sided scanning, OCR text from the page to a text searchable pdf file, capturing metadata from a scanned document to use in other applications.  CBTech solutions also include the ability to convert scanned pages directly into Microsoft Word and Excel formats directly by clicking a button on the Konica Minolta multi function device.

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