Cost Recovery

Cost recovery and compliance made easy.
Track and recover your printing expenses with cost recovery.

cost recovery

Complete Business Technologies offers a range of devices and software solutions for small to large sized businesses to help you cut costs and generate efficiencies when it comes to office printing.

A4, A3, Mono and Colour are all available as part of the CBTech range of office printing solutions. It is worth looking at the cloud connectivity apps including Google Drive, Dropbox and SharePoint.

Konica Minolta’s powerful new toner technology provides creative professionals with true artistic freedom.

Cost-recovery solutions

Cost recovery is a software solution often utulised by legal firms and conveyancers that automatically captures and records every print, copy, scan and allocates it to a matter number so the firm can charge back these costs accurately and transparently to their clients.


Does your organisation bill print-related expenses back to your customers?

Cost recovery solutions allow businesses to charge costs back to clients where required, regardless of having multiple jobs for each client.

Recoup client-billable expenses

This software supports business processes by accurately auditing and allocating these client-billable costs, enabling businesses to build these daily operational costs into their pricing models.

Businesses can also use the software reporting tools to find ways to increase productivity, reduce their office costs, and meet their environmental targets.

cost recovery benefits


Audit and allocate printing costs

For instance, a lawyer may be working on a case with several individual matters that each needs to be costed separately within that case. Konica Minolta’s cost recovery solutions allow users to tailor the way these jobs are costed so that they can be charged back accordingly.

Track scanning and faxing

Businesses now recognise the benefits of transferring entire job folders to digital files which can be archived on a network server or disc for archiving, or supplied to clients at a cost. This solution is ideal for architectural firms who are looking to charge for CAD drawings or plans. Digital archiving can save businesses valuable office and storage space, resulting in significant cost savings.

Work more productively

Today’s cost recovery solutions provide reporting tools that audit printing and scanning costs, and also help businesses work more efficiently, increase productivity and reduce excessive paper usage – while at the same time helping organisations to meet their environmental targets.

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